Three Tips for Beginning Lobster Divers


Lobster diving is one of the most rewardable sports in Florida. A day out on the ocean plucking juicy
lobster from the water is truly magical. But if you have never been and you want to give it a try, there
are some things that you will need to know. Below we have put together three tips that can help you
get started in this exciting sport.

Get A Permit

Before you can go out and catch yourself a nice lobster dinner, you will need to purchase a permit.
Going lobster diving without a permit can land you in hot water fast. Permits are not very expensive and
can help save you from an expensive fine. You can purchase a lobster harvesting permit from any state-
approved dealer or online.

Get Some Gear

The next thing you will need to purchase for your lobster diving trip is some basic gear. You will need a
lobster tickle stick to encourage the lobster to move, a catch bag to store the lobster and a lobster gage
which will help you measure your catch. Also, you will need a dive flag which will let boaters know you
are underwater and a pair of heavy-duty Kevlar gloves to help protect your hands. There is additional
gear that you may purchase but these are the necessities.

Find A Guide

If you are a beginner lobster diver, you should really consider hiring a guide. Not only will he or she be
able to help you find the best diving spots, they will also help you learn more about the sport. For a
small fee, these guides will provide you with a boat and many of the tools that you will need. Some will
require you to bring your own tools while others will have everything ready for you. Going out with a
guide will also help keep you safe while enjoying your day out on the water.

These are just a few tips that will help you get started lobster diving. There is a lot to learn about the
sport so reading as much you can about it will get you prepared. Remember to always stay legal by
getting a permit and checking the size of your lobster. This will help keep the sport alive so that
everyone can enjoy it. Additionally, if you are new to the sport, you just might want to hire yourself a
guide. They can help you learn a lot and show you where the best spots are located.

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