Dive Checklist


Use this handy checklist to make sure you don’t forget anything for your next lobster dive.

Download Diving Checklist (PDF)

  • Wet Test: BC, hoses, regulators, consoles…
  • Mask: headband dried/cracking, leaking from last year, anti-fog, extra strap
  • Fins: heal strap, enclosed heel dried/cracking, still fit, flipper still flipping
  • Wetsuit: does it fit? Tears, zipper working properly, need to be washed
  • BC: inflates properly, inflator valve working, inflator hose/connections, self- contained weights, dump valve working properly, pressure test, add a whistle, gear clips, Velcro straps doing their job
  • Regulator: mouth piece (did it bother you last year?), flows properly, purges correctly, no leaking
  • Tanks: Hydro, Viz, o-rings, Tail Grabber sticker?
  • Booties: soles, fit properly, holes in toes or soles
  • Dive Knife/Snipes/Scissors: sharp, easy to access
  • Spear Gun: bands, safety tips (old bands cut to cap tip), pneumatic, shock cord okay, shafts/threaded ends, trigger/safety working properly, mounts for GoPro
  • Cameras: batteries, rechargeable (with charging station)
  • Lights: batteries, rechargeable (with charging station), extra bulbs or time for an LED, o-rings good
  • Dive Computers: batteries, once again rechargeable (with charging station), familiarize yourself with operation of the dive computer if need be
  • GoPro: batteries, charging plug, mounts (spear gun, mask, etc)
  • Lobster Net: need a new one, holes in the old one
  • Gloves: stitching okay, holes in the fingers or palms, Velcro straps doing their job
  • Catch Bag: trap door working, zipper working, zipper have a pull tab on it, holes in catch bag
  • Throw Buoy/Marker: got one, need one, weights
  • Tickle Stick: minimum of two per diver, lobster gauge, like to attach small dive light to the end of mine (slide it to one end to see in deeper holes)
  • Licenses: saltwater license, crawfish stamp
  • Spares: batteries, o-rings, mask straps, fin straps
  • Dive Gear Repair Kit?

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