Boat Trailer Checklist


Boat trailers sit without care most of their life. Take the time to use our checklist to make sure your trip won’t end without an option if you encounter an issue.

Download our Boat Trailer Checklist (PDF)

  • Trailer Tag current, properly attached to trailer.
  • 4-6-8-10-12-36 ☺ way connectors, never seem to have the correct one when needed.
  • Trailer connector fitting tight in the tow vehicle connector
  • Correct ball/hitch for the trailer? Chains/hooks/d rings gtg?
  • Can of red electrical contact spray cleaner/corrosion inhibitor
  • Trailer lights working?
  • Trailer wiring !@#$%& love it. Not hanging down where that little piece of retread road debris tears the wiring off the trailer. Waterproof/shrink wiring connectors and tools to connect said wires.
  • Trailer bunks, rollers, frame gtg?
  • Tires inflated not under or over inflated. No dry rot? Bulges? Flat spots from sitting.
  • Spare tire, two spares if towing long distance always seem to blow the first tire at 8pm on a Sunday coming back and NO one is open.
  • Spare tire inflated properly?
  • Spare hub? Spare lugs? Spare spindle/torsion arm?
  • Remove/lube lugs/studs while at the house…spun a stud on a hub could not change blown tire on the side of the highway…bad night.
  • Springs, shackles, u bolts, etc rusted, close to coming apart?
  • Pit bag: large breaker bar, deep well impact sockets, small bottle jack/floor jack, WD-40, hand cleaner, rags, flashlight, piece of rug to kneel on, small piece of plywood for bottom of jack if changing tires in the dirt/sand. cordless impact gun w ¼”, 3/8” and ½” adapters. I keep mine in a bag, don’t bury it under all the gear, easy access to it, grab and go. If you have an extra person have them act as a spotter for traffic.

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