Boat & Trailer Checklist for Diving


Boating is a huge responsibility. Use this checklist to make sure you’re not only legal, but safe.

Download Boat & Trailer Checklist (PDF)

  • Tow Boat US or Sea Tow or similar service, you just never know.
  • Boat motor check up, water pump, plugs, loose wiring on power head, etc
  • For some of us extra 2 stroke oil on board or 4 cycle oil if that is the case.
  • Boat registry current, Ramp tags current if applicable
  • Boat radio working, antennae
  • Depth finder/plotter/GPS working fine, transducer where it should be, remember how to work it?
  • Spot light working? Running lights…all have their covers/lenses?
  • Helm controls getting you in the right direction…extra fluid onboard?
  • Bilge pump(s) working?
  • Fresh/salt water wash-down working? Nozzle, hose, connections working not leaking.
  • Both batteries good, charged, no corrosion on terminals?
  • Life jackets, have enough? Flares current not expired…don’t ask me how I know.
  • Fire extinguishers ?
  • Boat horn work, got a whistle or worse a paddle.
  • Anchor? Got plenty of rope and chain?
  • Broken hatches, latches, hinges, locks, etc.…got a loose screw?
  • Extra fuses, wiring, water tight connectors for repairs?
  • Bimini top going to do the job this year?
  • Extra drain plugs/bilge plug
  • Complete on the water tool kit/box? Rags, hand cleaner, electrical tape, etc
  • Small flashlight
  • Beer bottle opener and plenty of Koozies for the rookie drinkers!

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