Boat Trailer Checklist

Boat trailers sit without care most of their life. Take the time to use our checklist to make sure your trip won’t end without an option if you encounter an issue. Download our Boat Trailer Checklist (PDF) Trailer Tag current, properly attached to trailer. 4-6-8-10-12-36 ☺ way connectors, never seem to have the correct one […]


Dive Checklist

Use this handy checklist to make sure you don’t forget anything for your next lobster dive. Download Diving Checklist (PDF) Wet Test: BC, hoses, regulators, consoles… Mask: headband dried/cracking, leaking from last year, anti-fog, extra strap Fins: heal strap, enclosed heel dried/cracking, still fit, flipper still flipping Wetsuit: does it fit? Tears, zipper working properly, […]

Lobster Mini Season

Mini Season is Almost Here

by Florida Sportsman Newswire Press Release FWC The 2015 spiny lobster season opens with the two-day recreational sport season July 29 and 30, followed by the regular commercial and recreational lobster season. Planning on catching some of these tasty crustaceans? Here is what you need to know before you go. No one wants a small lobster for […]