4 Florida Lobstering Protips To Remember This Season


You don’t have to tell Floridian lobster lovers that spiny lobster season is here. It doesn’t matter if you’re headed down to the Keys or you’re searching along the coast – here are 4 little-known tips to help up your lobstering game this season.

  1. Spot Your Prey Before Going After It

Many eager-beaver lobster divers want to get straight to the ocean floor, where all of the action is.

Makes sense, right? Well, not exactly.

Being closer to the floor limits the scope of visibility you’ll have. Being closer to the surface gives a wide-view of what’s underneath. Another added benefit to being patient when it comes to lobstering is the ability to avoid scaring off any lobsters that may see or feel you coming. Stay close to the surface and slowly scan the bottom for any activity. Develop a game plan before making a careful descent.

  1. Find The Right Depth And Stay There

Using a dive computer to mark the depth of where you found your first few lobsters is a good idea. For the most part, spiny lobsters like to stay beneath 5 foot of water, and around a reef. That magic, perfect depth for lobster comfort can occur with or without a change in water temperature, so a dive computer is imperative to finding the perfect depth .

  1. Create The Least Amount Of Bubbles Possible

No, we aren’t telling you to hold your breath and pass out during a dive. But, you should try and time your exhales to avoid spooking the lobsters as much as possible as you approach their nest. Bubbles created from a human exhaling is all it takes to scare the life out of a Florida Lobster. Inhale as you move towards the hole,and exhale as slow as you can. Moving away from the hole as you exhale can work.

  1. Don’t Get Excited When You Find A Full Nest

Finding a hole that’s chalk full of lobsters is an exciting experience, but going in there like a madman and without method is a great way to catch nothing at all. Find “low hanging fruit” or stragglers from the hole to avoid disturbing the rest of the pack. Pulling small, easy to catch lobsters away from the larger ones makes the larger ones easier to catch. Be methodical, patient, and strategic when you find a fully loaded nest to get the best payout possible.

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